Call for Lawyers: requirements case

This call for applications ( full text at the bottom ) provides, as is obvious, in addition to the registration methods, some requirements such as:
a) the authorization to practice before the higher courts;

b) a seniority of at least 15 years of enrollment in the Order;

c) a documented professional experience in the field of containment with Anas and civil liability of the workers;

d) possession of an insurance policy for professional liability;

e) the absence of disciplinary measures.

Furthermore, this announcement establishes that it is preferential to be a member or president of forensic bodies such as the Councils of the Order, the District Councils of Discipline and the National Bar Council.

Precisely this last point has been the subject of sharp criticism from the representative bodies of the forensic class, since being part of one of these institutions involves the exercise of a service that is performed only and exclusively in favor of the category represented.

The positions of the Aiga and the National Forensic Council
It seems necessary, as President Aiga Alberto Vermiglio pointed out well, that calls and notices must reflect “the willingness of the Institutions to seek the most qualified professional service possible in compliance with the principle of fair compensation and the dignity and decorum of the Professional, guaranteeing also to young people the possibility to participate and not, as in the specific case, that can be interpreted in ill-concealed job offers tailored for someone “.

Even the National Forensic Council, in the name of its president, Avv. Andrea Mascherin, did not wait too long for his reply, sending a letter to ANAS expressly requesting that the ban be waived of the preferential requirements for the conferment of legal duties , “Both because the professional skills of the individual lawyer certainly do not relate to belonging to one of the Organisms reported, and because it is absolutely inappropriate for this membership to be a privileged vehicle for the acquisition of professional offices”.

Previously, the Aiga was raised against the notice even where it provides, among the requirements, registration in the register for legal aid before higher jurisdictions and having acquired a professional seniority of 15 years, since these are requirements that “do not constitute guarantee of professionalism and resolve to simply prevent enrollment in the list of young professionals “.